Can Internet Marketers Actually Sell Anything But IM Stuff?

I can’t help but feel that most Internet Marketers are actually only capable of selling IM related stuff to their list of IM interested prospects. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with selling stuff that people will actually want to buy and benefit from but being an IM-person myself I can’t help but miss more examples of people making money doing other things than promoting IM related products.

Every single day you can read about this and that Guru making millions on their latest IM ebook, podcast, video, course, DVD collection, membership site etc. But where are the stories about the people that have taken these products and used them to create fortunes in industries that is NOT related to IM?

This is one of the reasons that I am such a fan of the guys behind StomperNet. Not only do they practice what they teach they are also doing this in markets and niches that has absolutely nothing to do with SEO and IM. Brad Fallon sells Wedding Favors with revenues of tens of millions a year and one of the other guys (can’t remember his name) sells Swords and Tapestry (two different sites obviously).

It is so extremely refreshing to read about people that it teaching from what they have learnt by doing it in non IM businesses. If their monthly fee wasn’t at the level it is I would instantly become a member of their StomperNet community.

Before anybody ads it as a comment I know that these guys are not the only ones doing these things. A lot of the Gurus have sites selling stuff in the Fitness & Wellness industry; have sites on Weight Loss and different types of supplement. But if you ask me I still haven’t found anything that can beat “Tapestry” and “Wedding Favors”.

Let’s go make money in other niches,


  1. skriver

    That’s right Michael. I’ve been waiting for this articel for a looong time. I think it’s only a minority that’s interested i SEO and IM. The big money are in other and much more popular branches. Look at the number of visitors of a typical danish SEO site, and compare it to my pregnancysite which is approaching 800 visitors a day now. Beat that if you can…

    Lots of positive thoughts
    Pete 🙂

  2. Michael skriver

    Hvad er det, når du skriver: Tapestry… and “Wedding Favors”. Jeg kender ordet, som java-værktøj, en af tidernes mest solgte plader med Carole King og en form for billedtæpper, men i hvad betydning mener du, det er?

    Men hvad der rent faktisk er godt at tjene penge på, udover produkter direkte relateret til Internet Marketers og/eller internetrelateret, har jeg ikke en anelse om. Det kommer vel også an på, hvor mange besøgende man kan hente ind på et site.

    (PS: Det er da vel ikke forbudt at skrive på dansk, vel?)

  3. Mikael skriver

    Hi Michael, if you try to do a search for the term “wedding favors” you will find a site called which is owned by Brad Fallon (one of the guys behind StomperNet). His business makes more than $30 million in revenue per year (which I find pretty amazing).

    The reason I made this post was (as Pete is also commenting on), that it seem that most Internet Marketers seem to make money from other Internet Marketers. It would be nice if they would show that they were actually able to make money in other niches as well.

    You’re right that there is money to be made in almost any niche that you can come up with and that there are more to be made in some niches than in others. It doesn’t however solely depend on the amount of traffic but even more on the niche and the amount of money that people normally spend in that niche (Wedding, Weight Loss, Baby Safety Equipment etc. to be some of the higher paying).

    As for writing in Danish I would prefer that you wrote in English so that all visitors would benefit from your wisdom 😉


  4. Mikael skriver

    @Thomas, I don’t know why your comment went into the spamfilter but probably because you had two urls in it?

    I’m sure that there are a lot of sites related to SEO etc. that has thousands of daily visitors and the post isn’t really about getting visitors. I’m just sick of reading about how someone “makes millions” selling SEO guides, seminars, DVDs and all the rest. 😉

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