Case 2008 – The End Is Near

Now we have passed 10 out of 12 months in this case and even though things are progressing there is still a long way to go before we hit the target of 1,000 visitors per day. Does it worry me that I am not going to reach the goal within the timeframe I had set up? No not really!

Let me start by giving you the stats for October 2008 so you can get an idea of what has happened.

Increase In Traffic for October

From the table below you can see that there has been an increase in traffic of about 19% whereas the increase in page views has been only 8%. This means that people are actually seeing fewer pages that they did in September.

As for indexed pages in Google and Yahoo there has been a significant increase in number of indexed pages which is a result of the translation plugin that I’m using. The increased traffic that comes from these translated pages are not shown in Google Analytics as the translator caches the pages after translation but leaves out the GA code in the cached version (don’t ask me why that is).

Also an Increase in Income from Adsense

I’m glad to say that there has been an increase in the Adsense income this month where September took a dive. The total income from Adsense is $181 which is a 33% increase from last month’s $136.

I’m still not happy with the CTR but I refrain from adding more Adsense boxes at the moment.

What is Currently Going On

I’ve been testing out a few affiliate products but I haven’t had any luck finding a product that would convert. I expect to be testing a few more products to see whether that I can create some sales.

The process of the ebook I want to create is still ongoing and currently we’re testing some banners to see what will get people to click them and then leave a question about pet insurance. Once I have enough questions I’ll compile them into an ebook that I can hopefully sell. At the rate that questions are currently coming in I don’t expect the book to be written in 2008.

In The Next Two Months

I am planning to keep doing my article marketing of the site and luckily I have a lot of articles that I haven’t had time to use. All of these were written last month by a ghostwriter so they are paid for. As for articles on the site I expect to cut down on the posting frequency but instead write the articles myself to make sure that the quality and the topics will draw some high paying Adsense ads.

As you might have noticed this posts is far shorter than the previous ones that I have written so if you feel that there is something that I have left out please let me know in the comments.

Take care,


  1. skriver

    What part of article writing with gentle keyword stuffing did the ghostwriters not understand?

    Also: Sorry to keep bugging you about stuff that are basically of topic from your actual case.. BUT I would really like to know a lot more about your other projects, especially the hyperVRE sites.. Numbers, actions and income/earnings would be great.


  2. Mikael skriver

    Christian, please ask anything you feel like. I love to share so keep it coming.

    As for the keyword stuffing the problem was not as much the “keyword stuffing” part but merely that the article didn’t make much sense because of it. Because I’m paying $4-$6 per article I can’t expect them to do an awful lot of research but I honestly have to say that even though I know even less about some of these topics I would still be able to write something that made more sense than some of the articles I have received.

    As for HyperVRE I’ve actually been planning to do a few posts about it so keep coming back. I hope to have at least one or two posts done within November. If you want me to cover some specific parts regarding HyperVRE please let me know.

  3. Mikael skriver

    Christian, you can still use Ghostwriters. I’ve had two great ghostwriters but unfortunately they both had to quit. It’s all a matter of the price you pay and the due dilligence you do when hiring them. There are a lot of great writers out there.

  4. skriver

    Hi Mikael,
    Thanks for another update on Case 2008.
    I was wondering, if you have been keeping track of the time, you have spent on the project so far?
    In the end, it’s nice to look at effort vs. earnings, and it would be good to know how much effort, you have put into this so far.
    (But okay, don’t calculate earnings per working hour or anything like that yet. Wait until the blog has really taken off earningswise)

  5. Mikael skriver

    Hi Frank, no I haven’t kept track of time but there is no doubt that I’ve spent way to many hours compared to the income. Especially since most of the income has been spent on Ghostwriters etc.

    But as you say I don’t think it is fair to calculate earnings per hour when trying to build a new site. It will never be in your favor 🙂

  6. skriver

    I think you could get a lot more visitors, if you tried focusing a bit more on the on-page SEO of your post on the blog. Just by throwing in some pictures with alt tags, and H2 headings would help some… If you could just get 1 or 2 more visitors per day on each article, that would really get in some visitors…

  7. Mikael skriver

    Brian I agree with the H2 tags. As for pictures I’ve seen a trend that the more pictures the less Adsense clicks.

    But you might be right that I’ve been a bit lasy when it comes to optimizing it 🙂

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