Case 2008 – The goal is achieved

It’s been three month since my last post about Webshop Hvordan, and thought it was about time to sum things up. I could write a long apology for not writing, but it comes down to not being able to focus, and time.

I just have to many other plans, selling WH is not interesting enough anymore, and it sells in small number by itself. I’m satisfied with getting it as passive income, and I reached my goal of selling 200 ebooks. Thats right, it has sold over 200 copies.

The selling sum up

The selling started out pretty good in 2008 with an extraordinary February month of 40 sales of copy. Then it went down to selling around 20 in average over the next month, with August peeking on 25.

Summed up with the 6 sales in October until now brings the sale up to 201 ebooks.

sold ebooks graph

Compared to the first graph I made, it looks like I went over my expectations.

Optimize your selling page

It can really help to optimize your selling page, which I think is the main reason for selling more copies in the last couple of month. Back in June, I tried writing a lot more text to the front page, and summing up what people saves by reading my ebook. I wrote a lot more references from readers of the book, which also gives a trustworthy picture of the ebook.

The stats from the webshop

The webpage did not receive any more visitors during the last three month, than the earlier three month, so I guess it has to do with some sort of optimization, or just plain luck.

July, August and September stats

Unique visitors = 3.045
Page views = 7.275
Search engines = 1.679 = 487
Conversion rate (63 copies sold)
63 copies * 100% / 3.045 visitors = 2% conversion rate

I don’t think my conversion rate is too bad; it could be better, but reading around the internet, that is in the normal range for ebooks.

The small success, or not

I used the affiliate program Partnerads, which resulted in 69 partners, that are trying to sell Webshop Hvordan. That is pretty good, I guess, but the results are missing. It has drawn 657 clicks to my website, but only resulted in 7 sales combined. That is not a success.

Maybe I could have made the program better, or some prettier banners, but all in all those people on Partnerads are not serious enough. Those people making a sales, where those who wrote an article about the ebook.

Preview in a light version

One of the things that was a success, has been the light version of WH. The result has been with over 400 people subscribed to my email list, and probably helped me sell around 25% of all the copies sold.

So one thing you can’t miss out on is creating a free version and letting people get it for your email. The Aweber autoresponder helped me automate the process of following up with people after a couple of days.


Selling over 200 ebooks is in my opinion pretty good. Could I have sold more copies, of course I could. My marketing has not been perfect at all, which is mainly because of engagement and time. I started to focus on another project of mine, together with my WordPress blog design company taking off to another level.

All in all I’m satisfied with the result, and now I have some passive income stream, that creates somewhat between 600$ – 1000$ a month (minus taxes). The next ebook is also coming out very soon, and that is going to rock the online marketing business.

This will probably be the last post in my series of case 2008 – Webshop Hvordan. I will return in 2009 with another project to try and keep my focus on.


  1. Mikael skriver

    Brian even though you didn’t manage to focus the whole year I still think that you have done a great job with your ebook. You have shown us that it can be done and that the income possibility is great.

    Especially in these times of financial crisis it is great to hear that something is still alive and well. Thanks for sharing and for being a part of Case 2008.

  2. Tommy skriver

    It has been very interesting and motivating to follow you and your eBook-project. Thank you for sharing so much information 🙂

    What about the economy of the project? What has the average cost been, to sell 1 copy of your book?

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