Create Your Own Incoming Links While Still Providing Good Value

The topic of attracting quality incoming links to your website is ever popular and will be that way until Google removes the weight that they put on links in their ranking algorithm. For this post I would like to touch on a subject that I believe more people could use to their advantage when trying to attract links to their websites.

First let’s establish the problems with getting high quality links from other websites. The list is not the final but I think that these are the most pressing problems that a webmaster faces:

1. The website linking to you must be of good quality (+ good PR and Age).

2. The website should cover a very similar topic (be “on topic”).

3. The website should link out to few other sites besides yours.

4. The link to your site should have the anchor text that you’ll need and link to wherever page you want it to.

5. The website should be spidered regularly.

Finding websites that will live up to these 5 requirements + who wants to link to your site can be hard to find. I know because I have tried to find them for a lot of websites but I have often had to give up and go for sites that could only live up to 2-3 requirements.

Is There a Solution for This?

Yes I think there is. It will not be the only tool to use but if you’re targeting some of the “low hanging fruits” (long tail keywords) I think you will find that this solution will provide you with rather nice rankings over time.

This is not a “Quick Fix” and it will require time and work on your part but when you’re finally there it will provide you with great benefits in terms of ranking.

The Solution Is To”¦

“¦create your own linkpartner sites. With all the web 2.0 options that are available to you today you’ll have an almost unlimited sea of possibilities to choose from. In the end of this article I’ll give you a link to a list that will keep you busy for a while, but before I get to that let me explain what you could do.

Let us assume that you have a blog on a niche topic. It could be the niche topic “electrical wheel chairs”. You’ll want to rank for the broader terms as well as the types and model numbers. For the broader terms there will possibly be a little more competition so you’ll need more than just a few links but for the model numbers you’ll probably do quite well with just 1 or 2 on topic links from another PR3 or PR4 blog.

So how do you get those links? The answer is: “ , , and“ (you can add more if you like).

All of these are websites that will let you create free blogs that are hosted on their domain and server. You will have no ownership of these blogs (but that isn’t different from any other site that might link to you) but you’ll have full control.

So now you have 4 blogs on high PR domains. This doesn’t mean that you blog will start off by having a high PR but it will give you a better opportunity to get a fair PR faster than if you hosted the blog on your own server. You are leveraging the goodwill of their domains and you’ll also benefit from having sites hosted on different A, B and C-class domains which in return will give the links more “juice”.

But won’t this give you 4 times as much work to do as you are already doing? Well that depends on how you are going to do it. Let’s say you’re already doing article marketing and you upload 5 articles per week to article directories. Each article will probably be around 3-600 words long.

What if you instead took 3 or 4 of these articles and re-wrote them to be about 200 words each? That would potentially give you between 6 ““ 12 articles that you could post on these new blogs (1.5 ““ 3 articles per blog). How much extra time would that require? No much.

Use Videos, Pictures and other Web 2.0

And what about videos? Could you find some funny or educational videos from YouTube that you could use as posts for these new blogs? What about Picture posts (Flickr etc.)? Could you use articles from article directories that you find valuable (yes you’ll have to link to the authors site!!)?

Now take these sites and ping using Pingomatic for each post you make on each of the four sites. Submit the new blogs to site directories and rss directories (using tools for this would be the easiest way). Repeat the process over and over (the best way would be to make it as automatic as possible) and see your new sites gain PR and popularity.

Now you don’t have to wait for your sites to gain PR3 or PR4 before you start linking to your main site. However I suggest that you don’t link out from every post you make because that would seem strange and Google might pick up on that.

The trick is to do the best you can so that nobody (Search Engines) will know that you are the owner of all of the sites. They will probably always be able to find out but don’t make it easy for them. Using different names, email addresses and preferably IPs would make it harder for anyone to link the sites to you. This means that you should not use Adsense or Affiliate IDs on these sites (at least not the same ones) because that would make it easy to link it all back to you.

So now all there is left is to get to work. Here are the links: (for pinging)

And if you think that 4 sites is not enough then here is an additional list of 40+ other sites that you can sign up for. Happy linking.


  1. skriver

    Dammit! Stop revealing all our best tricks! 😛

    No seriously, good article! And as you kind of reveal, it’s hard and slow work to maintain these sites as you need to produce a lot of content on a regular basis.

  2. Mikael skriver

    Lol… Sorry Søren. At least I didn’t mention that this is a technique that a lot of SEOs use to get their clients to rank 😉

  3. Max skriver

    If you look at ping services there are many people doing this.

    A site like almost only has these kind of blogs.

  4. Max skriver

    Sorry, I might have been a bit short there..

    What I mean is that if you follow a ping site like for example – then you see a lot of blogs and blogposts that are just there to give links to other sites. It was just to show that you are right about people doing this. And then I have found the blog service especially filled with these blogs.

  5. Mikael skriver

    Okay then I understand. Yes I believe that this technique are used by a lot of people but the trick is to be sure to provide good content for these sites and not just spam away on hundreds of sites. First of all it wouldn’t provide any value to the users but secondly it wouldn’t look like a natural pattern to the search engines.

  6. skriver

    Great article Mikael. I use it a little bit myself when I have some sparetime once in a while 🙂

    I didn’t know Weebly though. Maby I should have a look at that site hehe…

  7. Mikael skriver

    Thanks Kim. Yes this does take time but it is worth it in the long run. It will of course require more time that “doing nothing” but as I said you will no spend that much extra time if you’re already doing article marketing or similar work.

    The point is to build a few good sites that you can get to a PR3 or PR4 and then use them as to link to your money site(s). If you have several “money sites” then you can easily use the link sites for all of them.

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