Learn How To Redesign From TechCrunch

One of the largest tech websites online has recently redesigned their site. At this time of writing more than 200 people have commented on the redesign and I am sure that more will follow. Some like it and some do not but personally I am more interested in learning from what they have done to see how I might be able to use it for some of my sites.

There is no doubt that there has been put a lot of time and effort into that design so why not learn from what they did. One thing that I immediately found was that they have placed a strategic breadcrumb (previous post / next post) just below the actual post. This is nicely done and I am sure that it will increase their number of pageviews.

If I have to come up with anything negative about the site then it is the time that it takes for all the ads in the right bar to load. The design is nicely done but I hate to visit websites that doesn’t load in a few seconds. Just call me impatient.

Anyway I suggest that you use these larger site’s redesigns as an inspiration and a way to save time, money and energy when you need to do changes to your own site. It is very likely that they have a far more professional team of experts than you do.

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  1. James Paden skriver

    Thanks for including the link to my review of TechCrunch’s new design. I definitely think they did a great job!

  2. skriver

    Redesigning is tricky business. Recently we redesigned our entire site and were quite anxious to see how our users responded. We were happy to discover that we’re now receiving roughly 30% more visitors (the new site is way more search engine friendly) and the conversion rate has tripled. Yes – gone up with 200%!

    When redesigning you risk to scare away old users – so thorough research is required prior to the redesigning process.

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