Why it is Important to Use Analytics When Building Niche Websites

$9,127 per month with HyperVRE

In some of my earlier posts I have talked about how you can use a program like HyperVRE to help you build a virtual real estate empire rather quickly. It will require some work on your part learning how to use the software but once you know how to do it you will be able to create several sites a day if you want to.

HyperVRE is completely free and comes with a huge library of video and guides on how to use all the options you have available within the program. There is however one thing that I feel has been left out of the guides and videos and it is especially important if you decide to not just “do tons of sites” but also want them to have a certain quality level and if you’re looking to improve upon the results they’ll be producing.

I’ve made this mistake myself (more than once) and that is why I found that you should know this before having spent too many hours producing a mediocre result.

Implement Google Analytics in your templates

When setting up your templates there are a few things you will need to change such as header images, Adsense codes, different header tags and other stuff like that. But I have found that you REALLY need track the visitors you’re going to get to your sites. If you decide to monetize your sites using Adsense then it is nice to see the money come rolling in but you will eventually stumble upon a goldmine that you can exploit further… But if you don’t know where that goldmine is you can’t get the full benefit from it.

It might be a specific page that gets a lot of traffic, it might be certain keywords that you rank for or it might be certain sites that send traffic your way. Maybe some keywords or pages will have a high CTR on your Adsense and other pages might not convert at all. If you don’t know these statistics you’re creating sites blindfolded.

Be sure to track all sites you create. No matter how small or how automatic they might be. I hope this little heads up will help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made and give you an even better ROI.


P.S. Oh… remember to track each site separately in Analytics.

P.S.P.S. If you want to read how a guy made more than $9,000 in one month on Adsense using HyperVRE, be sure to click on the picture of the book in the beginning of this post.


  1. skriver

    Good advice, which I will follow!

    I would like to ad, that I have read that a new FREE visitor tracking program/script is finally better than Google Analytics while still being free.. All the hype was about Woopra: http://www.woopra.com/

    I haven’t tested it yet, but just to let other readers know, have they not heard about it..

    Happy weekeding.. 🙂

  2. Mikael skriver

    Christian, I’ve tested Woopra and besides the fact that it has a cool interfase I can’t recommend it. But feel free to test it 🙂 I will however recommend that you use it along side Analytics.

  3. Max Motor skriver

    I’ve just read the pdf about the guy who made $9000 from AdSense using HyperVRE. It’s actually not $9000 in profit as it turns out he is getting his traffic from PPC with Yahoo. How high his profit is, he is not reveiling.

    Also one of the most important issues – the content – he is also buying. What he is doing with HyperVRE, he could also do with WordPress or something else.

    What are your own experience with HyperVRE?

    Would it be profitable to spit our hundreds of sites, without buying traffic for them?

  4. skriver

    OK, it just sounded great with real time statistics and tracking.. The chat feature also seems cool, but more in the “gizmo”-department than a real usefull feature.. Don’t think I want to wate time testing it, if it’s onot worth it.. Could you give an example or two why you can’t recommend it?

  5. Mikael skriver

    Well it has been a while since I tested it but the fact that you will need to install a piece of software locally is one of them and secondly I didn’t get much new information from it. And as I recall I thought that if it didn’t provide me with anything new that I needed, why change? 😉

  6. Mikael skriver

    @ Max, it is true that he bought most of his traffic but that was because he wanted to make money fast. And as long as it’s a profit then why not try it out?

    I agree that if you use the option where you buy content you could do most of the things with WordPress as well. However HyperVRE will be easier to use than WP because that is what the software it created to do. Adding articles instantly is much faster as it can be done almost instantly. I know that you might find a script that you can twist to do the same using WP but why bother?

    My experience with HyperVRE is solely from the use of public articles from article directories. This means that it will not be unique content but because of the onpage optimization you’ll do in your templates as well as any of other features you’ll add to it (like random descriptions, RSS feeds and similar), you’ll still have a lot of your pages indexed and ranked quite well for a lot of the long tail keywords.

    HyperVRE is not created to gain top ranking for 1-2 phrase keywords but to get traffic from the long tail that no one is competing for. I’m personally making about $150 – $200 in Adsense from HyperVRE a month and I haven’t done much work since I created the sites back in January 2008.

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